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Top 10 Attractions in Washington DC

10. National Mall

When visiting Washington DC, your first stop should be to see all of the historic treasures that DC has to offer. The National Mall has an abundance of rich history and iconic structures. The National Mall makes it easy to visit The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, The Vietnam War Memorial, and many more in one spot. Make sure to check out the East and West sides of the mall for more memorials and Top 10 Washington attractions.

9. Pentagon


The next stop on your historic tour of Washington DC has to be the Pentagon, “the world’s largest low-rise office building”. Tour the Pentagon and the 9/11 memorial site, and learn all about the headquarters for the Department of Defense. While the Pentagon offers tours to 106,000 visitors annually, make sure to make your reservation 14 days in advance at this Top 10 Washington DC attraction.

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8. Arlington Cemetery

No DC trip would be complete without going to see the Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. With over three million visitors a year, and open 365 days a year, the Arlington National Cemetery is at the top of our must-see list.  Come pay respect to a very important piece of American history.

7. Ford's Theater

Ford’s Theater, which includes the theater, museum, Peterson House, and Center for Education and Leadership, is a must-see while in DC. While visiting the theater, make sure you check out the variety of shows portraying the rich culture of America. Also, make sure that you look into the special events which are held at the theater. These Top 10 Washington DC events include meeting with artists who have their work on display, guest lectures, and a look behind-the-scenes.

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6. Capitol Building

While in our Nation’s Capital, one important stop to make during your visit, is to the Capitol Building. The US Capitol is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 to 4:30, with the exception of holidays. Home to historical documents and artifacts, the US Capitol is truly magnificent. Make sure to book your free tour ahead of time to guarantee this fantastic Top 10 Washington DC experience.

5. White House

What visit to Washington DC would be complete without a trip to the White House? Home of the current US President and family, this is an experience you won’t want to miss. Make sure you submit your request as early at 6 months prior to your visit to this Top 10 Washington DC attraction. This stop is well worth the hassle of planning ahead, you won’t regret your visit. 

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4. Holocaust Museum

The Holocaust Museum offers yet another historical experience while in Washington DC. Learn all about the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and the survivors of this horrific time in history. While this is a very important part of history, be sure to bring tissues because this museum is sure to tug on your heart strings.

3. Smithsonian Institution

Another great stop on your visit to DC is the Smithsonian Institution. Explore all that the Smithsonian has to offer, with multiple museums and exhibits, including the American Art Museum. With kid friendly activities, amazing collectables, exhibits, and a zoo, the Smithsonian Institution has something for everyone.

2. Library Of Congress

While in DC, make sure to take a tour through the Library of Congress. Offering shopping, dining and other activities, the Library of Congress is a must see Top 10 Washington DC landmark. Prepare yourself for the amazing library, fantastic exhibits, concerts, lectures and other fun-filled events. Try to make your tour reservations ahead of time, preferably about 2 weeks in advance.

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1. Spy Museum

International Spy Museum offers a fun Top 10 Washington DC experience for all ages. Learn all about the amazing gadgets and spy tech, techniques for being a spy, and even meet a real spy. There are all sorts of fun activities to do while at the museum.  The fantastic exhibits in the International Spy Museum will enchant visitors of all ages, not just fans of The Americans.

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